Monday, February 20, 2017


There was a Facebook questionnaire that required you to ask your kids questions about yourself. I saw it and decided that I might ask my kids these questions. I had no plan to post their answers but I thought it might give me a laugh and see what my kids knew about me and what they thought about me.

“What does mommy like to do?” I asked my three daughters.
“Sleep,” they all answered in unison.
I continued to ask questions.
“What makes me sad?”
“Not getting enough sleep,” my nine year old answered.
“What is Mommies favorite hobby?”
“Writing and sleeping?” my five year old replies.

I laughed at their answers but it also gave me a moment of introspection. Do I really sleep that much? I knew that energy for me was a luxury item but I didn’t realize that it was that evident. I guess I wasn’t doing a good job hiding my exhaustion.
There are many days that I do not have the energy to do simple tasks. When anxiety hits and I begin to feel overwhelmed I sometimes end up sleeping and not accomplishing very much. That is also the case when I am depressed.
It’s not uncommon for those that suffer from anxiety disorder or depression can suffer from fatigue or exhaustion.  Anxiety affects the brain and when you have a prolonged case of anxiety your body and your brain may need time to reset and rest. Most likely, fatigue is caused simply as a result of your brain being overwhelmed with anxiety.
According to the Calm Clinic “anxiety actually affects your brain, your neurotransmitters, your hormones, your muscles, and even your nutrition. It's not unlikely that after severe anxiety, your mind wants to rest to recoup some of those changes.”

It is also the case, as I stated in previous posts, anxiety can also lead to not sleeping and compulsive behaviors.  Fighting your own brain for some form of normalcy can be exhausting. Trying to be “normal” when there Is chaos and anarchy in your head is laborious task. 

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  1. Well, I know you sure get stuff accomplished. But you say you sleep a lot. So I wonder, does your day have more hours than the rest of us? ;-) Thanks for all you do, Donnee. Hugs, xoA